1Department of Comparative Biomedicine and Food Science, University of Padua, 35020 Legnaro, Italy
2Department of Management and Engineering, University of Padua, 36100 Vicenza, Italy
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Received 7 March 2016; Revised 26 April 2016; Accepted 11 May 2016
Academic Editor: Hajime Nakae

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The biological effect of alkaline water consumption is object of controversy. The present paper presents a 3-year survival study on
a population of 150 mice, and the data were analyzed with accelerated failure time (AFT) model. Starting from the second year
of life, nonparametric survival plots suggest that mice watered with alkaline water showed a better survival than control mice.
Interestingly, statistical analysis revealed that alkaline water provides higher longevity in terms of “deceleration aging factor” as
it increases the survival functions when compared with control group; namely, animals belonging to the population treated with
alkaline water resulted in a longer lifespan. Histological examination of mice kidneys, intestine, heart, liver, and brain revealed
that no significant differences emerged among the three groups indicating that no specific pathology resulted correlated with the
consumption of alkaline water. These results provide an informative and quantitative summary of survival data as a function of
watering with alkaline water of long-lived mouse models.

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person Dr. Howard Hay

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